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My impressions of TV dramas : 綾瀬はるかさん主演「義母と娘のブルース」



 I come to like a TV drama titled “Stepmother and daughter's blues” which is being broadcast at 10 p.m. on every Tuesday. Actually, I couldn’t understand what they are driving at and was dubious about it when I saw the first episode. Unfortunately, I missed the second episode due to the failure of the recording function for serial drama on my recorder (I also missed the drama “Survival Wedding” heartily). I finally found out what they want to do and what the characters that they want us to see are like, so I suddenly began to feel exhilarated with the drama. I guess it gives proof of good drama that the drama made me laugh and cry.

[新ドラマ]『義母と娘のブルース』7/10(火)よる10時!! 1話放送前SP予告【TBS】


 Miyamoto Ryoichi who works for a metal company lost his wife several years ago and is now living with his daughter named Miyuki a third grader. He proposes to a bright and eager career woman named Iwaki Akiko who is a head of a division in his rival company without revealing to audience the purpose of the marriage whether it is for his daughter or for the other things. Akiko who seems to know his intension accepts his proposal and try to be accepted by Miyuki as her mother in law, however, due to her extraordinarily serious character, her attempts are in vain. She ended up being disliked by Miyuki by doing somethings beside the point like handing Miyuki her personal history put in an envelope.


 At first, I felt her extraordinary character sickening, but my impression has totally changed after watching the third episode, now I feel it’s lovable. Her great efforts in trying to be a good mother for Miyuki and her sense of justice somehow reminds me of a drama “Saito san” featuring Mizuki Arisa. The process in which Akiko becomes gradually trusted by Miyuki is depicted well and a sense of value shown in the process is somewhat convincing for me,  I’m very looking forward to seeing how the drama is going.   

 ドラマのエンディング・テーマの豪華さにも驚きました。「アイノカタチ feat.HIDE (GReeeeN)」はMISIAGReeeeNのコラボで,アレンジは亀田誠治さんという凝りようです。

 I was surprised at the gorgeousness of the ending theme song titled “Ai no Katachi”. The song is a collaboration of MISIA and GReeeeN, and they took a trouble to choose Kameda Seiji as an arranger.