Where is the world I loved before? : 大好きだったあの世界は今? 岩館真理子の世界⑤「きみは3丁目の月」



 Iwadate mariko’s fantastic world, published in weekly Margaret, seemed to have been going underground after “Watashi ga Ningyo ni Natta Hi”.  At the same time, the characters of girls who appeared in Iwadate’s manga had changed from shy, daydreaming ones to rather egoistic, selfish ones. The main character of “Oishii Kankei” is a girl who has an affair with her high-school teacher, and Souko who appears in “Marude Shabon” takes away a man from her cousin named Setsuko. (It’s not so melodramatic as it sounds, though.)   



 You can see the most selfish main character ever, named Rutsu, in “Kimi wa 3choume no Tsuki”. Rutsu, who is extremely dependent on her younger brother Akira, is so exhilaratingly sloppy and wayward that her behavior almost makes you giggle many times. This humor which leads to “Reizouko ni Pineapple Pie” later is the very reason why her works are loved by many other authors such as Eguchi Hisashiu, Yoshimoto Banana and so on.

 I’d like to see such a delightfully wayward character like Rutsu in Iwadate’s new works.