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すすめ!!パイレーツ 完全版 第8巻

すすめ!!パイレーツ 完全版 第8巻




 I’ve loved gag comics since I was a little boy. I’ve never forgotten the impact I felt when I read “Gaki Deka” in a weekly comic magazine named Shonen champion, as I was in the lower grade in elementary school. I was so influenced by the manga that I always struck a pose saying “Shikei” whenever I can. I look back with nostalgia on the day when  my father took the comic away from me because I did it too much. After that, I was so into “Toilet Hakase” that I always tried to say “Matanki” anytime I can to end up being frowned on by others. Now I’m sure that I was just excited by some obscene gag without knowing how the works were valuable because I was too little to be able to know that.

 Then I was absorbed in a gag manga which has something, so to speak, the humor of a situation, not just a quick, tricky gag nor obscene one. The manga was “Susume!! Pirates” by Eguchi Hisashi which had been serialized in Shonen Jump.

  前回,Shiggy Jr.についてふれた際に,江口寿史さんのイラストにも言及しました。「すすめ!!パイレーツ」に惹かれたのも,まずは絵のうまさでした。出てくる女の子が実にキュートで,勝手に胸をときめかせていました。その上に,それまでに味わったことのないような可笑しみがちりばめられており,笑いが止まりませんでした。また,そのころの流行りや勢いのあったミュージシャン,他の漫画のパロディなどが巧みに作中に取り込まれていました。初めてサザンオールスターズを知ったのもこの作品においてでした。粳寅満次(うるとらまんじ)というキャラが隙あらば「今何時!」と歌ってみせて周りを翻弄する場面に大喜びしたのを覚えています。ギャグ漫画とはいえ,読む者の価値観を豊かにする作品があると思えば,サブカルというものの持つ力を今更ながら実感します。

 Last time I wrote an article about a band named Shiggy Jr. and I mentioned Eguchi Hisashi’s illustration in the blog. The first reason why I was attracted by “Susume!! Pirates” was his great skill in illustrating. He illustrated girls so cute that I was excited by them with my heart pounding. On top of that, the manga was full of humor I had never felt before so I couldn’t stop laughing while I was reading it.  Plus, some of the latest trends in those days, some popular musicians and parodies of other manga appeared in it, for example, I came to know the band Southern All Stars for the first time by reading it. I remember I was really overjoyed at a hilarious character named Ultra Manji who tried to shout “Ima Nanji!” whenever he got chances to do so having people around him at his mercy. Even though it was just a gag manga, I felt it had a power to widen readers sense of values so I’m realizing now how subculture has great effects to our life.