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Songs I’m attracted now. 勝手に注目中 吉田凜音「サイダー」

吉田凜音「サイダー」ミュージックビデオshort ver.


 When it comes to hip-hop, I only know De La Soul who was popular in 90’s or Charisma.com in recent years. However, I was amazed when I heard “Rinne Rap” by Yoshida Rinne. I checked her songs on YouTube immediately to be fascinated by a cute girl who looks like in her teens singing cool . Since then I bought some her tunes on Amazon Digital Music (but you can get them on RecoChoku), and each of them was so good that I listened to it intently. My favorite one, for the time being, is “Cider” which matches the coming season.  


 “Cider” is a piece from the album released in last summer. The latest album is “Seventeen” released in April this year. This album seems available only on CD so you can’t buy it as digital form. As far as I listened to the pieces from the album on YouTube, each and every one of them sounds quite good. It stirs up my interest that some creators I like joined this album such as Tsuno Maisa from Akai Kouen writing some lyrics or Kenmochi Hidehumi from Suiyoubi no Campanella composing some songs. I want to buy the album sometime soon. 





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