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Where is the world I loved before? 大好きだったあの世界は今? : 岩館真理子の世界①「森子物語」



 When I was a high-school boy, I came to love a comic book that one of my best friend recommended me to buy as if I fell in love with a girl. I loved not only its story but the world there were as well. The manga was “Shinko Monogatari”.

 The main character, a high-school girl called Shinko, dreams to go out of “this world”. What “this world” means is everything surrounding her daily life like her mother working in a bar, her brothers and sister who have different fathers(this turns out misunderstanding later), and herself who is so inconspicuous and not attractive for any one. While she spends her days idly, she makes up her mind that she will go to “that world” after she graduates her school. That idea drives her faint feelings of love to a boy, who she has a crush on secretly, into a corner of her mind. Because she thinks it’s merely a thing that happens in “this world”.



 The author of this manga is Iwadate Mariko. Everything about it like the delicate touch of her drawings, the charms of the characters, and the humor that can be seen all over it looked for me as a “perfect world”. The feminine world she created had the same air as a magazine called “Olive” which was popular among high-school girls then, and I somehow couldn’t help buying this magazine secretly. After that I’ve wanted to get absorbed in her world so I’ve been looking forward to her works published. The touch of her drawings had changed gradually but the world I admired had been there unchanged. However, I haven’t seen her new works for over the last ten years. I hope she continues her work from the bottom of my heart.