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Where is the world I loved before? : 大好きだったあの世界は今? 岩館真理子の世界④「遠い星をかぞえて」



 In a TV drama “Hanbun Aoi” which is currently broadcast by NHK, some manga illustrated by Kuramochi Fusako has an important role in the plot. She is one of the great manga authors who were very popular in 80’s, and I know many people loved her works. Her name reminds me of other ones like Ogura Huyumi, Ikuemi Ryo, Yoshida Mayumi and so on. However the best manga author who has continuously made me want to read her works is, I don’t know the exact reason, Iwadate Mariko. The first reason why, I guess, is her every work is full of fascinating beauty and subtle humor.     




 You can often see middle aged dandies in Iwadate’s works. The main character in “Tooi Hoshi wo Kazoete (Counting distant stars)”is a junior high school girl named Hutami, and she has an fashionable uncle wearing a mustache, his name is Shousuke, who always makes a great fuss of her. Shousuke who is already a successful playwright somehow visits Hutami’s house to see her so often, maybe because he lost his wife when he was still young and has no children, that her parents and her two sisters try to shun him. His deceased wife was the sister of Hutami’s mom named Tsuruko. The one who particularly hates Shousuke’s visits most is Tsuruko and she always gives the cold shoulder to Shousuke, who is not related to Hutami by blood, somehow unnaturally for Hutami. One day, Hutami finds a photo in her parents’ room. People on the photo are Shousuke and his wife who were still young and a baby who was maybe their own, and Hutami begins to harbor a doubt about…….

 It is comical but heartbreaking, or even moving you to tears that Shousuke tries to approach Hutami unable to control his feelings hidden in his heart, even using a stopgap measure.

 I’d like to encounter such an attractive character in a new work of Iwadate Mariko.