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Where is the world I loved before? 大好きだったあの世界は今? 岩館真理子の世界②:「夜汽車にのって」



 I mentioned a comic book named “Shinko Monogatari” illustrated by Iwadate Mariko. Shinko who has only been thinking of ‘that world’ begins to look ‘this world’ in a different way, and the story then finishes. There is a short story that is spun off from “Shinko Monogatari” in the second volume of it and the main character is Shinko’s sister who is a precocious girl.




 Hanako, the sister of Shinko, is an elementary school girl (maybe in the fourth grade) who is a fashion-crazy and a little bit spirited girl. She ends up getting a sister-in-law who is someone she has looked upon as her rival due to her mother’s remarriage, and she looks dissatisfied even now that she comes to a highlands cottage in the summer vacation because the sister-in-law always says disagreeable things and tries to hurt her feelings every day. Complaining about her sister-in- law, she goes out into a forest to pick some flowers and happens to meet a somewhat lonely looking girl who is older than her. When Hanako tries to go further away into the forest the girl seized her arm and says “Once you go into the forest, you can’t come back!” in a forceful tone. According to her account, there was a boy who was her friend and he has gone deep into the forest trying to find out the source of strange sounds that they heard from the depth of the forest  and never came back. Since then Hanako has been so obsessed with the boy disappeared that she finally makes up her mind to go deep in the forest…….

  It may sound like a horror story if you hear only this plot, but this story is really adorable and also somehow makes you feel wistful pang with an ending that you may end up smiling despite being moved to tears. I can’t come up with other author who can make me feel that way with such a short story.

 I really want to read Iwadate’s new story.