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大好きだったあの世界は今?: 岩館真理子の世界⑪「雲の名前」 Where Is the World I Loved Before?: “Kumo no Namae” by Iwadate Mariko


 Although it’s a mystery story, it’s also full of cheerful atmosphere and a sense of transparency. Iwadate Mariko had published all her works from Shueisya till when this comic book was published. This story appeared in a comic magazine called Young Rose which was published from Kadokawa publishing company.



 There are many flights of stairs that go up to the top of the hillock. The main character called Niki comes to the ordinary home which is located on the hilltop as a housemaid during the summer. The people who lives there are Haruhiko, a cartoonist who is running out of ideas, and his family. Their house overlook a vast sky and a town beside the sea, and they live there nonchalantly but the reason Niki comes there is to reveal their secret. Her real mother called Shinoko must have come here as the second wife of Haruhiko who had divorced but she ended up going missing. Niki who tries to know what happened to Shinoko reveals the unexpectedly complicated relationships of the family…….


  This story which is depicted rather cheerfully is actually a kind of psycho thriller, and I can probably call it a “Iyamisu”, a word which is recently often used to describe a kind of mystery story with an unpleasant aftertaste. The main character Niki is a typical girl Iwadate Mariko used to depict, a girl with feeble-looking, clear skin, and full lips. This comic book contains two other short stories, “Natu ga Kureba Omoidasu” and “Kirei”, and a record of her travels in Paris. I love its binding because the atmosphere is impressively fresh.     


 I’d like Iwadate to publish another mystery story which features a beautiful girl with some melancholy.


雲の名前 (Young ros〓 comics deluxe)

雲の名前 (Young ros〓 comics deluxe)