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大好きだったあの世界は今:岩館真理子の世界⑫「白いサテンのリボン」 Where Is the World I Loved Before?: “Shiroi Saten no Ribbon” by Iwadate Mariko



 The texture of the title is something typical of Iwadate Mariko and it makes me thrilled. “Shiroi Saten no Ribbon”, released in 1994, is a collection of 4 short stories.


 The title piece called “Shiroi Saten no Ribbon” is a story about the conflict between sisters over a Granma’s dress which is going to be given to either of them. The esthetic world you can see there is something only Iwadate can create. This is a thriller describing the younger sister’s cruelty that makes you feel a chill runs down your spine.



 The second story called “Iris no Kobachi” is a heartwarming story in sharp contrast with the title piece. Kana, the main character, is a junior high school girl who has a mother, a cartoonist, and a father, a writer of in decent stories. Kana is a girl of Bohemian tastes who has grown up watching her parents of rather slovenly tastes. She has doubts about herself who doesn’t look like her parents at all and about their life moving from place to place. The truth which is revealed at the end is somewhat heartrending and it makes me cry.




 These works I mentioned above are published in the magazine called “Young You” in 1993, but the rest of the stories, the third one called “Tenshi no Mimitabu” and the fourth called “Hana Saku Mori no Shojyo ”, are published in “Margaret” in 1988 and 1989. It is interesting that I can tell the change in her drawing style here.

 I’d like to enjoy the Iwadate Mariko’s world that is quite delicately beautiful. 

白いサテンのリボン (YOUNG YOUコミックス)

白いサテンのリボン (YOUNG YOUコミックス)