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Where is the world I loved before? 大好きだったあの世界は今? 岩館真理子の世界③:「わたしが人魚になった日」




 Iwadate Mariko’s comic titled “Watashi ga Ningyo ni Natta Hi” is a short story collection which consists of four short stories. The title story’s main character is ‘I’, a very shy high-school girl who can’t even speak to a guy she has a crush on one-sidedly. In “Machi mo Hoshi mo Kimimo”, the second one’s main character is Kamu who has been regarded as a trouble maker in her high school and try to escape from the city with a boy who tells her he has run away from an orphanage. The main character of the third piece, “Iku Sen Ya”, and fourth one, “Sentimental Ring”, is Rika who is working as a singer in a night club and she doesn’t remember her home town at all. One thing that is common among those protagonists is the fact that each one has a sense of loneliness in their own ways.



 Every title sounds like as if it were a title of poem, and each one also has such a fully fantastic atmosphere that you feel a wistful pang and bottled-up, stifled feeling. Even so, you can enjoy her humor that is something unique and always seen anywhere in her works, so you end up smiling. The piece I particularly love is the second one, “Machi mo Hoshi mo Kimimo”. I feel this is a story I want to cherish in the deeper part of my mind.

  I really want to relish Iwadate’s fantastic world in a new piece.