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ライブレポート:私立恵比寿中学 Best at the moment series「6Voices」福岡公演① A Live Report: Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Best at the moment series ‘6 Voices in Fukuoka’


 Ebichu is surely the most powerful idol group. They are great enough to fascinate the audience with their best performance in every song. It was a concert which made me feel that I was happy to have been fan of them from the bottom of my heart.



 It has been more than a year since I last went to a concert. I was already excited on the way to Fukuoka from Nagasaki. As for Ebichu’s concert, this was the second time for me to go to and the first one was the fall and winter tour in 2019. I’ve had a feeling that online concert is not so bad recently but I realized that the real live concert is incomparable to that.


 The setlist consisted of over 20 numbers and they were impartially picked out from most of their albums and a few singles. Regarding with the first three songs, the first one called ‘Omekashi Fever’ was from their latest album called ‘playlist’, the second one, ‘Seihuku “HoRenSo” Funk’ was from the 4th album called ‘Ebicracy’, and the third one, ‘Hokago Getabako Rock and Roll MX’, was from the 1st album called ‘Chunin’’.



 What I was impressed by the most was the fact that they continued performing without MC. I even thought that they would finish without MC. It was not until they had only three songs left as encores that they finally introduced themselves to the audience. They are really tough.

 To be continued.


 Finishing this article, I just took a look at Twitter and find the news which said, ‘Akimoto Ayaka obtained remission from a malignant lymphoma’! I’m trembling with joy.