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世代を超えて響く曲:kiki vivi lily × SUKISHA 「Blue in Green」 A Song Sounds Good beyond Generations: ‘Blue in Green’ by kiki vivi lily feat. SUKISHA


This feeling of floating is quite addictive. This song was released two years ago but I listened to it recently and ended up getting into it.  It's an exquisite club music. 

kiki vivi lily × SUKISHA - Blue in Green [Official Video]



  Felt like we were frozen until I exhaled

  Lights out until our time is over




  Your whisper that was over written by the lightning

  Will you let me hear it again while we wait for the rain to stop


 Blue in green


 意味も不確かなLife いっそFreakyな愛を歌おう

 Blue in green

 愛を巡らす 唇を重ねる



  Blue in green

   our secret sign, just between you and I

  The meaning of life is uncertain

  so might as well as sing about our freaky love

  Blue in green

  Surround my love, my lips on yours

  Will take a while for the storm to calm down

  So please keep holding me tight


 kiki vivi lilyさんのささやくような歌い出しに惹き込まれたあと、ハンドクラップのリズムに乗せられます。そのあとに入る打ち込みに、どうしようもなく体が動いてしまいます。カオスと言いたくなるサイケな中間部に心がざわつきますが、その解決が心地いいです。

 After being fascinated by kiki vivi lily's whispering voice first, I get into the rhythm of hand clap. Then I can't help but moving to the programming coming in after that. My heart is stirred up by the psychedelic, almost chaotic sounds at the interlude but its resolution makes me feel good.

 気が付くとiriさんやeillさん、そしてこのkiki vivi lilyさんと小文字のアルファベット表記のアーティストに妙に惹かれています。この曲でコラボされているSUKISHAさんの曲も最近はプレイリストに入れています。日本のR&Bが何やらアツいと感じるのは気のせいでしょうか。

 For some reason, I’ve been attracted by some artists whose names are spelled with small letters. I added some songs by SUKISHA, who is featured in this song, to my playlist recently. I wonder it is just my imagination that Japanese R&B scene seems to be booming.  

Blue in Green

Blue in Green

  • 発売日: 2019/12/18
  • メディア: MP3 ダウンロード