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イヤホンレビュー②:エビ中とagのコラボ機種「TWS06R‐YK」 Earbuds Review② : ‘TWS06R-YK’, a collaboration between Ebichu and ag


 What I appreciate most is that the earbuds are operated with a button. The ones I used before featured a touch sensor so I mistakenly operated them and sometimes unintentionally turned them off. As for the new one, however, I don’t need to worry about such a mistake so I can pinch them easily to put on and off, or adjust the position of them. Plus, it has become much easier to adjust the volume.  



 The easiness in taking in and out of the case is also important. As for the earbuds, the surface is no slippery and the shape is easy to pick up so you won’t drop them when you are taking them in or out of the case. The case features magneto so it holds them firmly. The surface of the case is processed so that it is not slippery, too.


 I don’t have enough knowledge to analyze the sound quality. However, I find them definitely different from the old ones I used before. The sound of music is clear for sure, there’s something else that I was impressed even more and it is about phone calls that I make especially while driving. It is easier to hear the other’s voice definitely and the other can hear mines more easily than before. The earbuds also feature ‘game mode’, which prevents delays of sounds, I don’t play video games so much though. According to the instructions, however, this function consumes electricity a lot.



 The earbuds have an absolutely eye-catching design. They are thick with a unique shape so some people like them and some don’t. As far as I’m concerned, the design of them and the bright color of the box are quite pop and casual so I like them very much. The numbers, 5 on the left earbuds and 10 on the right, are so noticeable. I wear them proudly.