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イヤホンレビュー:エビ中とagのコラボ機種「TWS06R‐YK」 Earbuds Review: ‘TWS06R-YK’, a collaboration between Ebichu and ag


 I’ve used only cheap foreign earbuds, which cost less than five thousand yen, so far, and I don’t have good impressions of them. Some were uncomfortable to wear, some were troublesome to operate, and some had difficulty in taking in and out of the case, so I was frustrated with them but also gave up on them because they were so cheap. I bought a pair of earbuds produced by ag and I found it free from those troubles I mentioned above. The price (6,980 yen) is a little bit more expensive than the former ones, but I'm more than satisfied with them.



 They produced three types of earbuds in collaboration with Ebichu. The lineup of them is as follows: TWS06-YK by Yasumoto Ayaka and Kashiwagi Hinata, TWS07R-HN by Hoshina Mirei and Nakayama Riko, and TWS07R-MK by Mayama Rika and Kobayashi Kaho. The one I bought is the model by Yasumoto Ayaka and Kashiwagi Hinata. The following is its specification.



 Needless to say, the functions are not to be compared with the high-end models that cost about twenty or thirty thousand yen. However, I don’t care for such functions as noise canceling, high quality sound, and so on, so I’m satisfied with the specification and what matters for me is the convenience in daily use, which is difficult to quantify.



 First of all, let me tell you my impression of how comfortable it is to wear. I’m sure I shouldn’t make a generalization about that feeling because it depends on the shape of one’s ear, even so it is certain that the earbuds are definitely a snug fit for me. They won’t come off easily, and another good point for me, who always sleeps wearing the earbuds to listen to English conversation on podcast, is they won’t make me tired even if I wear them for a long time. The shape of the mould and the size of the stem for it are designed well, and on top of that the weight of the earbuds may be just right. Plus the old earbuds that I used before often went somewhere to get lost after coming off my ears while I was sleeping. As for the new earbuds, with its shape that won’t allow them to roll around and the eye-catching color, that kind of accident won’t happen.

 To be continued.