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究極の選択の行方が気になる映画:ジェニファー・ローレンス主演「パッセンジャー」 A Movie that You Can’t Help Being Curious about the Result of the Crucial Choice: ‘Passengers’ Starring Jennifer Lawrence


 You can fully enjoy the attractiveness of Jennifer Lawrence in this movie. I watched a 2016 American film called ‘Passengers’ on Amazon Prime Video.

アカデミー賞2部門ノミネート 映画『パッセンジャー』予告編


 The movie starts with the scene where a huge spaceship called Avalon collides with an asteroid. A passenger called Jim (Chris Pratt) is awakened from his hibernation due to the malfunction of his pod caused by the collision. He is one of the sleeping 5,000 colonists and the only one who awakens having 90 years left until the spaceship arrives at its destination. Jim is a mechanical engineer and he tries to do everything he can to hibernate again, but ends up finding it impossible. After spending one year in idleness, he becomes interested in a young woman sleeping in her pod, then he hesitates for some time but finally awakens her. The young woman named Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) feels hopelessly muddled when she learns how many years it will take to get to their destination. Without knowing she was awakened by Jim, however, she gradually comes to love him while spending life with him…….       


 It is what they call a crucial choice. You’ll be at a loss which to choose, 90 years isolation, or awakening your favorite woman prepared to be hated by her. Moreover, the woman is Jennifer Lawrence. I wonder if there is a guy who can hold himself back from awakening her. However, if she learns what you have done, it will be like the hunger games. It’s awful. Honestly, I didn’t expect too much of the story, but I ended up watching it with absorbed interest because I was really curious about the result of the crucial choice.


 Chris Pratt, who played Jim, was as appealing as Jennifer Lawrence. He was still as masculine as he had been in the movie called ‘Jurassic World’. Laurence Fishburne, who played a crew member called Gus who was also mistakenly awakened soon after Aurora, was so cool exactly the same as he had been in the movie called ‘The Matrix’. It seems like many critics had a low opinion of this movie due to some irrational settings and the development of the story. Even so, I enjoyed it to the fullest. 

パッセンジャー (字幕版)

パッセンジャー (字幕版)

  • 発売日: 2017/06/28
  • メディア: Prime Video