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主役に魅せられる映画:「レッド・スパロー」(2018) The Main Character Is So Attractive: “Red Sparrow”(2018)


 How attractive, as an actor, Jennifer Lawrence is. Her attractiveness somehow makes me even feel that the story doesn’t matter.



 I saw an American movie “Red Sparrow” on Amazon Prime Video. This movie starring Jennifer Lawrence is about the battle between Russian intelligence service and C.I.A.



 A Russian ballerina, Dominika Egorova,(Jennifer Lawrence) suffers severe injuries to her leg during the performance to end up retiring from the stage. Her uncle, Ivan, comes to see her when she has lost all her hope while taking care of her sick mother. He gives Dominika a job but what the job involves is to seduce a Mafia boss. She takes it and carries it out but the Mafia boss is somehow assassinated just after meeting her. Actually, Ivan is a senior official in the intelligence service. He finds her fit for espionage so he makes her get involved in the assassination in order to put her in the situation where she had no other option. Dominika eventually is sent to the intelligence service to take severe training with the condition that her mother should be taken care of…….    




 The plot was rather complicated but I enjoyed a lot. That’s mainly because Jennifer Lawrence was so attractive.

  I remember how I was amazed when I watched “Hanger Game” for the first time. I guess she was over 20 then but she looked like a young girl plus, at the same time, she was breathtakingly beautiful and strong. In this movie, “Red Sparrow”, she shows her own mature charm more than enough. I recommend this movie to people who love her as an actor. 

レッド・スパロー (字幕版)

レッド・スパロー (字幕版)