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キャンプだホイ!:笑顔になる番組「西村キャンプ場」 Camp da Hoi! : A TV program that makes me smile, ‘Nishimura Camp Jyo’



 I’m not a sort of person who can enjoy camping. I’ve never spent the night in a tent. Such as I am, I like the TV program called ‘Nishimura Camp Jyo’ very much. This program, which is currently broadcast by TSS (TV Shinhiroshima), somehow makes me smile.


 There have been various sorts of TV programs in which ‘someone only does something’ since the TV program called ‘Kodoku no Gourmet’ was broadcast. In this program ‘Nishimura Camp Jyo’, Nishimura, who is a partner in a comic duo called Viking, just goes camping. He travels around mainly Hiroshima prefecture to find good places for camping negotiating with the land loads. He is supposed to be allowed to use ingredients that he was given by producers, so he can not by any ingredients. Whenever he finds sign boards of possible shops, farms or factories, he tries to get varied ingredients. I feel his good nature and humor by watching him talking to people. The meals he cooks with the ingredients given by producers look so delicious.



 I’m impressed with the fact that this TV program is broadcast over the country. It feels surely strange to watch a local TV program from Hiroshima living in Nagasaki. However, this TV program is so sophisticated for a local one. On top of that, the sound effects, music and the short captions cued in here and there are quite addictive. “Camp da Hoi!” is one of them. I like it very much and even want to use the phrase in different ways like “** hoi!”.  


 In Nagasaki, this TV program is broadcast in the morning every Sunday. It’s just right to watch it over breakfast.