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ジェニファー・ローレンス主役のサイコ・スリラー:「ボディ・ハント」(2012年公開) A Psychological Thriller Film That Stars Jennifer Lawrence: “House at the End of the Street”(released in 2012)


 It is a kind of movies that doesn’t allow you to talk about. I watched the psycho thriller movie called “House at the End of the Street”(released in 2012)




 Let me talk about the settings of this movie that I may.

 A newly-divorced medical doctor Sarah Cassidy (Elisabeth Shue), and her 17-year-old daughter Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) move to a small, upscale town. Although they like their new place, they are disturbed as they know that there was a massacre on a house next to theirs before. According to what the neighbors tell them, the daughter of the family called Carrie Anne killed her parents, and then fled into the forest to be missing. Ryan, Her brother, now seems to live in the house alone…….   



 I found the movie somewhat B-grade but I was satisfied with the thrilling plot that I couldn’t take my eyes off. This movie was released in 2012, the same year as “Hunger Games”. Hanger Game was released in March, and this movie was in September so, luckily, Jennifer Lawrence was already well-known widely by then and this movie was a box-office hit. “House at the End of the Street” was actually shot in 2010, one year ahead of “Hanger Game”, so Jennifer Lawrence just turned 20 at that time. Is it my imagination that she looks a bit plumper than herself in Hunger Games? Anyway, I can recommend this movie to someone who likes Jennifer Lawrence.