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歴史小説の楽しみ:司馬遼太郎著「竜馬がゆく」(第7巻) The Delights of Historical Novels: ‘Ryoma ga Yuku’ by Shiba Ryotaro (the seventh volume)


 In the seventh volume, the scene of Ryoma’s actibities was set in Nagasaki. He established Kyusyu Domains Alliance, then finally let the Tosa domain join Satsuma-Choshu alliance joining hands with Goto Shojiro.



 The summary written on the back cover of the seventh volume is as follows.



 Satsuma and Choshu joined in an alliance preparing for overthrowing the shogunate. However, Ryoma took a daring, strange method with the army power of Satsuma, Choshu, plus Tosa in the background. Taisei Hokan……it is an attempt to urge the Tokugawa shogunate to return the political power to the Emperor. With this method, he was going to avoid a civil war, and at the same time, prevent the foreign countries from intruding into Japan to establish a new government in Kyoto……that could be called a bloodless revolution.


 He came late to the turbulent period but once he became active he hectically rushed around. However, Kameyama Shachu, the company he ran, was always struggling to raise funds and he didn’t achieve anything as he had expected. On top of that, their ship collided with a ship owned by Kishu domain and ended up sinking with its freight unfortunately. Meanwhile, he met some women such as Omoto, a geisha in Maruyama, Oura Okei, a female trader, and they make the story interesting even more.


 On the other hand, Nakaoka Shintaro made great efforts to prepare for overthrowing the shogunate in collaboration with Iwakura Tomomi, an aristocrat in Kyoto, and the royalists from Satsuma and Choshu. Ryoma had a feeling that their plan is quite risky and came up with an extreme idea called Taisei Hokan (Tokugawa Shogunate returns its political power to the Emperor). 

竜馬がゆく(七) (文春文庫)

竜馬がゆく(七) (文春文庫)