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楽しみなドラマ:浜辺美波さん、岡田将生さん主演「タリオ 復讐代行の2人」(NHK) A Drama I look forward to seeing how it will turn out: ‘Talio Fukushu Daiko no Futari’


 これは面白くなりそうです。NHKで、毎週金曜夜10時放送のドラマ「タリオ 復讐代行の2人」の第一話を視聴しました。以下の紹介文は、NHKのHPからの引用です。

 I believe this will be enjoyable. I watched the first episode of the drama titled ‘Tario Fukushu Daiko no Futari’, which is broadcast by NHK at 10 p.m. every Friday night. The following is a summary that I cited from NHK’s website.


 This is a new drama series in which each episode is a complete story about a former lawyer (Hamabe Minami) who has a strong sense of justice and a fishy con-man (Okada masaki) team up in order to take revenge on wicked people for their victims in distress who consult them. In the first episode, a rookie lawyer called Shirasawa Mami (Hamabe Minami) is consulted by a woman who was assaulted by the son of the president of a major general contractor. The woman has already been lost a law suit and then she paid money to the fishy guy who proposed that he would take revenge instead of her but she has heard nothing from him since. Mami managed to find the con-man (Okada Masaki) who claims to be a management consultant…….



 You can enjoy the attractiveness of Hamabe Minami fully. In my opinion, she is such a beautiful girl, plus she seems to have a friendly personality and a enthusiastic attitude toward performing any roles. On top of that, she is somewhat humorous so she is a very useful character for those who make dramas. Okada Masaki is as good an actor as her in making the audience feel that he is a man of good nature. In this drama, he plays skillfully a con-man who looks cool but is actually softhearted.

 このドラマにはとても嬉しいオマケが付いています。オープニングテーマの「金曜日のヴィーナス feat. 堀込泰行」、そしてエンディングテーマの「悲しいくらいダイヤモンド」(一十三十一)のどちらもがとても素敵な曲だということです。元キリンジ堀込泰行さんの柔らかい歌声が好きだという方は多いと思います。


 In addition to the good actors, there is one more thing about this drama that makes me glad. Both songs, the opening song called ‘Kin-yobi no Venus feat. Horigome Yasuyuki’ and the ending one called ‘Kanasii Kurai Diamond’ (Hitomi Toi), are really good. I’m sure that there are many people who love the tender voice of Horigome Yasuyuki, who is an ex-member of KIRINJI, a Japanese rock band.

 This drama has seven episodes and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it goes. turkeyrice.hateblo.jp