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クセになる曲:森七菜さん「スマイル」 A song that is somehow addictive: ‘SMILE’ by Mori Nana


 I somehow didn’t want to become fond of this song at first because it sounded too playful. However, I couldn’t get the tune out of my head even while working. Alright I give in. I have to admit that I like this song. I even downloaded it. ‘SMILE’ by Mori Nana was released on July 19th and it is so good that it becomes addictive. 

森七菜 スマイル Music Video





  You should smile anytime

    Whatever may happen

    Please smile in a cute way

    Just go out with nonchalance 

 ねぇ 笑ってくれよ キミは悪くないよ

 ねぇ 笑ってくれよ さっきまでの調子でyeah

     Honey, smile please, it was not your fault

     Honey, smile please, just the way you did a moment ago, yeah



 すぐスマイルすべきだ 子供じゃないならね

     Why don’t you smile no matter when it is?

     That’s because a girl who look always serious is not beautiful

     You should smile as soon as possible because you are not a kid any longer





  You can smile well

     You have to make an effort at a time like this

     Please smile in a cute way

     I’ll show you off to the people in the town

 ねぇ 笑ってくれよ 心配はいらないよ

 ねぇ 笑ってくれよ さっきまでの調子でyeah yeah yeah

   Honey, smile please, there’s nothing to worry about.

     Honey, smile please, just the way you did a moment ago. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


オロナミンC CM|「スマイル 弾き語り」篇 Full ver.


 There are so many ‘smile’s in the lyrics. Profuse smiles make me smile. You’ve probably heard this song because it was used in the TV commercial for Oronamin C Drink. This song was originally sung by Hoff Dylan. I have actually never listened to their songs.



 Mori Nana appears in NHK’s Morning Drama in this season, too. She looks so cute in her kimono wearing those glasses. The character she plays in the drama is totally different from the one she played in other drama called ‘3 Nen A Gumi’ starring Suda Masaki. Her elusive charm as an actor attracts me so strongly. I had already been interested in her, so I was amazed by this song all the more. This song may not a song that could be a big hit, but I somehow want to back it up now. 



  • 発売日: 2020/07/19
  • メディア: MP3 ダウンロード