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予想を超えた面白ドラマ:「MIU404」の感想② 菅田将暉さんの悪役ぶりヤバい A Drama That Is More Amusing Than I Expected: My Impression of ‘MIU404’② The Performance by Suda Masaki, Who Plays the Villain, is Totally Awesome


 In addition to the attractiveness of the two stars, what makes this drama more enjoyable is other actors and some guest stars.



 Each of the regular characters, played by such as Okada Kenshi, Hashimoto Jun, Aso Kumiko and so on, has his or her own trait and background and they make the story wider and deeper. Some other actors, Kurokawa Tomoka, Kohinata Fumiyo, and Namase Katsuhisa, who appears only several times make the plots not only complicated but also make the viewers empathize with the two stars all the more.     

 ゲスト出演で個性豊かなミュージシャンが出演しているのには、制作側の遊び心を感じます。第3話では犯罪者役として岡崎体育さんが出演され、見事な演技を披露されていました。また、第7話ではKing Gnuの井口理さんが、デリバリーサービスの配達員として、犯人の追跡に協力するというユニークな役柄を演じていました。

 There’s one thing that makes me feel the playful spilits of the people who produce this drama and it is the fact that some musicians quite eccentric, in a good sense of course, appeared as guest stars. Okazaki Taiiku showed up in the third episode as a criminal and performed it so well. And, in the seventh episode, Iguchi Satoru a member of the band called King Gnu played a unique role, a deliveryman, who ends up helping police arrest the culprit.




 There is an actor who is just a guest star but almost overwhelming the two stars. The actor’s name is Suda Masaki. He plays an important role to lead the drama to its climax. He is a villain. He is so scary. He is so terrible. He is such an evil guy that he gives me butterflies in the stomach even though I know justice will prevail. A great actor is, in my opinion, someone who can play a wide variety of roles from the nicest person to the most wicked one. He is exactly an actor like that.

 I can’t wait to watch the last episode.