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Songs I can’t get enough of: なぜか飽きない曲 キリンジ「乳房の勾配」


 The title makes me blush but I really love this song. I found this song in a compilation CD which one of my friends made for me several years ago. It seemed that the source was a record album so there was a lot of noises in it but I listened to it intently because the lyrics were so attractive.


 この曲はキリンジのどのアルバムにも入っていません。不思議に思っていたのですが,1998年に発売された「PRO-FILE of 11 Producers VOL.1」というオムニバスアルバムに収録されていることを後から知りました。このアルバムは現在,入手が難しいようです。「乳房の勾配」だけなら,2017年にデジタル配信されていて,すぐにダウンロードできます。キリンジの曲と言っても,この曲は作曲が冨田恵一さんですが,作詞は堀込兄弟の兄,高樹さんで,キリンジらしさは濃厚すぎるくらい出ています。

 This song is not contained in any KIRINJI’s albums. I wondered about it for some time, and afterward I knew it was contained in an omnibus album titled “PRO-FILE of 11 Producers VOL.1” released in 1998. It seems to be quite difficult to get the album now. However, you can download “Chibusa no kobai” easily because it was distributed online in 2017.  This song was surely performed by KIRINJI but the composer was Tomita Keiichi, even so the words were written by Takaki, the elder one of Horigome brothers so this song sounds, even a bit excessively, like KIRINJI.

キリンジ - 君の胸に抱かれたい


 If I have to choose another KIRINJI’s song, that should be “Kimi no mune ni dakaretai”. This song is contained in the 3rd album “3” released in 2000. I was amazed when I heard it for the first time because its introduction was so good. Even now, I get excited when I happened to hear this song which is so catchy that it can be called a Japanese typical pop music. I know it’s something after all this time, but I’m really sorry that the younger brother Yasuyuki decided to go solo and left the band. 

乳房の勾配 [feat. 冨田恵一]

乳房の勾配 [feat. 冨田恵一]