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目力合戦の面白歌舞伎ドラマ:日曜劇場「半沢直樹」 An Exciting Drama Which Tastes of Kabuki Depicting People Fighting with Glaring eyes: ‘Hanzawa Naoki’ a drama broadcast on Sunday night



 It is full of people with extremely strong characters. It is also full of too much tension. Grown men yell at each other like ‘I’ll pay you back double!’, ‘Kneel down on the ground and apologize!’ on every occasion. I tried to put on an air of indifference at first. Even so, I don’t know why, the more they glare fiercely or yell angrily, the more I’m into it. I hate to admit it, but this drama called ‘Hanzawa Naoki’, currently broadcast at 9 p.m. every Sunday night, is so enjoyable.  



 A lot of Kabuki performers appear in this drama. Each of them like Kataoka Ainosuke, Ichikawa Ennosuke, and Kagawa Teruyuki has a powerful personality and their fierce glares are so awesome. The roles they play are aggressively ambitious government officials or businessmen who will do anything to get what they want. There is one thing I’m exhilarated most with and it is the fierce glare by Sakai Masato, the main actor who plays the banker called Hanzawa Naoki, because his glare is overwhelmingly stronger than that of Kabuki performers. I’m all the more surprised by his fierce glare because he is not a tough-looking guy at all. Speaking of Sakai Masato, his great performance that was shown when he played Yamanami Keisuke in ‘Shinsengumi’ , one of NHK’s year-long historical dramas, was unforgettable. I was fascinated by the great gap between his touching smile and the fierce glare.     




 This drama is full of witty remarks and the expression ‘I’ll pay you back double’ was chosen as one of buzzwords of 2013. In the current drama, you can also see a lot of exhilaratingly witty remarks like ‘I’ll pay you back your favor!’, and I was even moved to tears by what Hanzawa said in the fourth episode. That was his own definition of ‘the winner’. The following are his words.

‘……The winner is someone who does his or her job proudly making great efforts to get a great sense of achievement, whatever job he or she does.’

  This drama is not only enjoyable but also touching. Now I can say this drama is worth watching. I can’t wait to watch the next episode.