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香取慎吾さん「20200101」の魅力④:めちゃくちゃキャッチーな曲「10%」 The charm of the album “20200101” by Shingo Katori④: A song that is so catchy, “10%”


 How cheerful this song is! This is a tune which is as energetic as Katsuken samba, a song Shingo sang hilariously mimicking a famous singer before. This song was released on Oct. 1, the day when the consumption tax rate was raised to 10%, I’m sure they chose the day intentionally.   



  • provided courtesy of iTunes

  HEY!HEY! ギブアップ!YOU!

 EVERYBODY 皆 YOUに ギブアップ!

 WOW! YABBEE女 来ちまった!

 EVERYBODY噂 3,2シーッ! HAっ!

  HEY! HEY! Give up! You!

  EVERYBODY, anybody can’t help it, about YOU!

  WOW! A girl totally awesome has come!

  EVERYBODY is talkin’ about you 3, 2, hush! HA!

 10%って1割。脳に優しいso cute! AHA

 10%って偽り?J_O々にボディーブローsexy! AHA

  10% equals one tenth. It’s good to our brains. So cute! AHA!

    10% is something false? Effective body blows, sexy! AHA


 英訳するのをあきらめてしまうくらい、痛快にふざけ切った歌詞です。消費税とどう絡めているかも全く見えませんが、この曲調では、むしろメッセージ性などない方がいいに決まっています。作詞は、CMプランナーの権八成裕(ごんぱなるひろ)さんです。SMAPの「buzzer beater」や「Love loser」などの作詞も行っていた権八さんは、当時から香取慎吾さんと親交があったようです。Yahoo news のインタビュー記事では、慎吾さんと権八さんの2人が歌詞を仕上げるのに夜中の3時過ぎまでかかったエピソードが書かれています。作曲のHIROさんは安室奈美恵さん、倖田來未さん、西野カナさんを始め多数のアーティストに楽曲を提供されている模様。

 These lyrics are so exhilaratingly playful that I actually give up the idea of translating them. I can’t guess whether the lyrics have something to do with the consumption tax or not at all, but I’m sure they don’t need to be some messages about the tax on such a playful tune. This song was written by Naruhiro Gonpa, a CM planner. He has been on friendly terms with Shingo Katori since when he wrote some songs like “buzzer beater”, “Love loser” and so on, for SMAP. The interview by Yahoo news says that Shingo and Gonpa stayed up till past three in the morning to complete the lyrics. The composer HIRO has offered a lot of songs to Namie Amuro, Kumi Koda, Kana Nishino and so on.   


 This song was sung in “Nana Ni”, the internet distribution program by Abema TV, in November for the first time, and I heard that the dance to the song was fabulous. Unfortunately, I missed it so I’m very sorry about it.  

20200101 (通常BANG!)(特典なし)

20200101 (通常BANG!)(特典なし)