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香取慎吾さん「20200101」の魅力⑩:コメンタリービデオでより楽しめる曲「Prologue(feat. TeddyLoid&たなか)」 The charms of the album '20200101' by Shingo Katori⑩: A song enhanced by the new commentary video, 'Prologue (feat. TeddyLoid & Tanaka)'


 Shingo Katori has opened his own album commentary YouTube channel. What he talks about there is the impressions of the tracks in this album. 

Prologue (feat. TeddyLoid & たなか)

Prologue (feat. TeddyLoid & たなか)

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  「Prologue (feat. TeddyLoid&たなか)」は、アルバムの1曲目にふさわしい盛り上げ曲です。作詞作曲はTeddyLoidさんとたなかさんとなっています。TeddyLoidさんは海外で最も聴かれている日本人アーティストの5位に選ばれたことがあるとのこと。実績のあるプロデューサーでもあり、DJでもある方です。たなかさんは元ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみさんで現在は名前を変えて活動しているようです。新しい地図の初シングル「kiss is my life」の作り手として、馴染みのある方です。

 “Prologue (feat. TeddyLoid&たなか)”is a song suitable for the first track because it gives me a lift. This song was written by TeddyLoid and Tanaka. TeddyLoid was once listed among the top five Japanese artists who are popular abroad. He is a producer, also a DJ with a great track record. Tanaka took the name Bokunolyricnoboyomi before, but he now assumes the new name. He is familiar to Atarashii Chizu fans because he wrote their first single 'kiss is my life'.

香取慎吾×TeddyLoid&たなか 【ニワワイコメンタリー】Prologue(feat.TeddyLoid &たなか)   


 In the video, Shingo invited those two guys to talk with him. Shingo said “it was such a short notice, but they came”, and I wonder whether it is true or not. TeddyLoid and Tanaka said that they came to know each other through producing this song. Shingo talked about the significance of singing for him, and they also talked about the Shingo’s characteristic style of singing or his quality voice, and there are things Shingo hadn’t even noticed. It was impressive for me to hear Shingo say, “singing is quite similar to playing a role in a play”. The talk turned to some other topics like the meaning of the lyrics that even Shingo didn’t know, the various method of recording taken in this album, and so on. It is really interesting to know how playful the talented young guys are, or how much knowledge they have about music.       


 At the end of the video, I was pleased to hear them say they want to work together again. This album is worth listening to because it created bonds between the artists and, consequently, new tides in the music scene.