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香取慎吾さん「20200101」の魅力⑤:MVが待ち遠しい曲「Now & Forever(feat. SONPUB & 向井太一)」 The charm of the album “20200101” by Shingo Katori⑤: A song that I can’t wait to watch its MV “NOW & Forever(feat. SONPUB & 向井太一)”


 It sounds like an adult-oriented R&B. This song is so addictive as the others in this album. 





  I’m happy as usual

   Wearing a pair of shoes and dressed to kill

   As in your dream

   I’m so shining

 Anytime I need 照らされる



  Anytime I need a light that shines down on me

  and I’ll go with it

  to somewhere beyond your ideal further than anybody else can

 Follow me now

 Follow me now


 CD付属のブックレットには、“Written by SONPUB, Taich Mukai, CELSIOR COUPE, Shingo”と記載されています。SONPUBさんは国際的に活躍しているアーティストであり、音楽プロデューサーでもある方です。向井太一さんはシンガーソングライターとして近年話題になっている方で、SONPUBさんとのコラボレーション曲がいくつかあるようです。「週刊文春WOMAN」のインタビュー記事では、向井太一さんと共演することになった経緯も書いてありますが、SMAP時代に培った人とのつながりが、現在につながっているようです。

Monster Rion / Message feat. 向井太一【Official Music Video】

 The booklet attached to the CD says, “Written by SONPUB, Takai Mukai, CELSIOR COUPE, Shingo”. SONPUB is active internationally as a musician, and also a music producer. Mukai Taichi is a singer-songwriter who many people are talking about these years, and he has several collaboration songs with SONPUB. The interview by Weekly Shukan Bunshun Woman says about how Shingo began to work with Taichi Mukai and the relationships Shing had built during the time that he was a member of SMAP really work now.


 In “Nana Ni”, an internet distribution program by Abema TV, on Feb.2, they invited Rola as a guest and had a project to take a one-shot MV to this song. Shingo gave advice not only to Rola but also to Kusanagi and Inagaki, who was shooting with their smartphones, while dancing. I realized how awesome he is as a creator through watching it. I was also surprised by Rola because she performed amazingly reacting to what Katori wanted her to do. Each of them was really cool and attractive. They are going to edit the MV. then upload it onto YouTube. I can’t wait to watch it.