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ちょっとシニカルなサクセスストーリー:映画「はじまりのうた」(2013)の感想 A Success Story with a Slight Sarcasm: My impression of the Movie called ‘Begin Again’(2013)


 This is a good movie for sure. I watched an American movie called ‘Begin Again’ (2013) on Amazon prime video. Although I like both music and movies, I somehow don't enjoy movies featuring music so much. However I was intrigued even at the beginning of the movie, and I was more than satisfied when I finished watching it.  

映画「はじまりのうた」予告編 #Begin Again #movie


 The opening scene is at a small live music club in New York. Gretta, an English lady, is there because one of her friend is singing on the stage, but she is unexpectedly handed the guitar by him and ends up singing there. She starts to sing reluctantly but there is a drunk who stares excitedly at her. This guy is Dan, a formerly successful music producer. He was just fired from the record company, but he is so attracted by her talent that he offers to sign her to his former record label. He looks fishy so she initially refuses but…….  


 Then each situation and background of Dan and Gretta before they meet at the music live club becomes clear to the viewers. They share something in common in that both are losers at loving and jobs. This film is, in short, a success story with a slight sarcasm. It is essential for a movie which depicts a success story to make viewers feel like cheering for the characters. This movie is really successful in that point.  



 The actor who played Gretta’s boyfriend is Adam Levine, the vocalist of Maroon 5. The music used in this movie is so good that I bought the soundtrack CD immediately. It really makes me feel good so I’m into it now.

 I can highly recommend this movie to people who haven’t watched it yet.





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はじまりのうた BEGIN AGAIN(字幕版)

はじまりのうた BEGIN AGAIN(字幕版)

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