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アルバム・レビュー:「DISTANCE」(2018)by Attractions   Album Review: ‘DISTANCE’(2018)by Attractions


 The music they play is something that covers various genres and the melodies are so catchy that I move my body to them in spite of myself. This is the album by a four-piece band called Attractions, who debuted in 2016. The contents are as follows. 

Attractions / Rock'n the Weekend(Official Video)

  1. DISTANCE(Introduction)
  2. Hazy Boy
  3. Rock'n the Weekend
  4. Future
  5. One Answer
  6. Carbon Love
  7. Leilah
  8. Blue/Pillow
  9. Instant Jam
  10. Daydream Moonrise 


  The lyrics, which are sung on the sophisticated performance, are written in almost English. My friend Ben recommended me to listen to this band, and he says the vocalist’s pronunciation is that of native English speakers. The lyrics are written by the vocalist Taro and he grew up in Indonesia.


 This band is based in Fukuoka. It seems like this band embodies the culture of this particularly energetic provincial city. Every song in this album is quite good to me. I’d like to talk about the song I like best among them. 

Attractions / Instant Jam(Official Video)



  • アーティスト:Attractions
  • 発売日: 2018/12/05
  • メディア: CD




  • アーティスト:Attractions
  • 発売日: 2017/10/04
  • メディア: CD