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新曲レビュー:HANDSOMEBOY TECHNIQUE「抱きしめた(feat. 曾我部恵一)」 Review of a new song: ‘Dakishimeta (feat. Sokabe Keiichi)’ by HANDSOMEBOY TECHNIQUE


  It’s indisputably grooving. If you like some bands like The Flipper’s Guitar or Sunny Day Service, I believe you’ll be into this song.   

抱きしめた (feat. 曽我部恵一)

抱きしめた (feat. 曽我部恵一)

  • provided courtesy of iTunes

  雲が広がった日に 僕は一人で

   On a day when the sky is overcast, I walk alone

 自転車壊れてしまって スニーカーで歩く

   because my bicycle has broken, so I walk wearing sneakers.

 澄んだ川流れ 思い出のかけらたち

   Clear water running in the river, piece of good memories in mind

 もうすぐ遠くなる 晴れた日のいらだち

   It will soon be far away, a feeling of irritation on a fine day

 夏の花震え 枯れていく朝早く

   Summer flowers shake and wither early in the morning

 空は声かけずに さよならのキスをする

   The sky taciturn kisses me goodbye

 雨が止んだ後には どこまででも

   After the rain has let up, I have a feeling

 歩いて行ける気がする 独りきりなら

   that I could go anywhere if I were alone

 ひなげしが揺れて 誘惑かけるけれど

   Red poppies sway and seduce me  

 それがただの嘘なら 先へ行こうと思うよ

   If it is just an illusion, I’ll keep going 



 This song doesn’t have the typical J-pop structure that consist of verse, bridge, and chorus, but it generates a miraculous sense of grooving with the repeated simple phrases. Plus, the Sokabe’s falsetto on the phrases enhances a feeling of floating. That really feels good.  

Handsomeboy Technique - Adelie Coast Waltz

 HANDSOMEBOY TECHNIQUEの音を聞いたのは初めてでした。森野義貴さんによるこのソロプロジェクトのデビューは2004年とのことで驚きました。1st アルバムの「Adelie Land」を聴いてみましたが、やはりグルーヴ感満載の良曲ばかりです。日本よりもむしろ海外で高い評価を得ている模様。こちらもハマること必至です。

 It was the first time I listened to HANDSOMEBOY TECHNIQUE. I was surprised when I knew this music project by Morino Yoshitaka debuted in 2004. I gave his first album ‘Adelie Land’ a try and ended up realizing it is full of songs with senses of grooving. This project has been highly evaluated overseas rather than in Japan. I can promise that you’ll be into it soon.