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映画レビュー:「アップグレード」(2018)    Movie Reviews: ‘Upgrade’ (2018)


 It is worth watching. It’s not just amusing but also something that makes viewers think about the coming AI era. I watched the movie called ‘Upgrade’ on Amazon Prime Video. 



 The movie is set in the near future. Grey, a mechanic, asks his wife Asha to come along with him to return a refurbished car to his client. The client is a renowned tech innovator called Eron Keen and Eron shows them his latest creation, a multi-purpose chip called ‘STEM’, talking about its unlimited potential. Returning home, Asha’s self-driving car malfunctions suddenly. The car goes out of control and ends up flipping over, then four guys show up and one of them shoots Asha dead, plus another one gives an injection to Grey in the neck, so he becomes paralyzed. Seeing Asha passing away Grey becomes unconscious, and then he regaines consciousness in a hospital finding himself still paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury. Eron visits Grey, who is confined to a wheelchair, in order to offer a suggestion. That was an idea to put a ‘STEM’ into Grey’s spinal cord to get rid of the paralysis…….


 I was already absorbed in the story at this point. Grey accept the suggestion with the condition attached that he never discloses the fact. Once he overcomes the paralysis, Grey started trying to find the criminal. I thought the plot will develop into a revenge tragedy, but something unexpected happened. To my surprise, the ‘STEM’ spoke to Grey, who watched the video on the scene by a drone trying to find a clue. The ‘STEM’ not only pointed out a clue which Grey hadn’t notice in the video but also drew out terrible fighting power from Grey’s body.         


 The technology to implant AI chips in human’s bodies will be realized for sure in the near future. Once we leave the control of our bodies to AI chips, I guess there will be a point where nobody can tell the boundary between ourselves and AI clearly. This movie somehow reminds me of ‘Minority Report’ in a way which not only gives viewers an opportunity to think over something important but also entertains them till the end. I’d like to highly recommend this movie to someone who hasn’t watched it. 


アップグレード (字幕版)

アップグレード (字幕版)

  • 発売日: 2020/05/26
  • メディア: Prime Video