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ライブリポート:田島貴男 「ひとりソウル・ツアー」イン長崎 A Live Report:“A One-Man Soul Tour” in Nagasaki by Takao Tajima


 Who knows one person can be so great? It was two hours of genuine entertainment with just a guitar. “A one-man Soul Tour” in Nagasaki by Takao Tajima, which I had been looking forward to going to, was far better than I thought it would be. 

  以下、ひどいネタバレは避けつつ、ライブの模様を書いてみます。ステージ奥のスクリーンにまず映像が映し出されました。そこに骸骨男(田島さんはデッド田島とあとで紹介していました)が登場して挨拶し、ライブが始まりました。まず、「ひとりソウルショウのテーマ」、そして同タイトルのアルバムからの曲が続きます。MCはほとんどなく、立て続けに歌っておられました。中盤では、カバー曲として、ジョニ・ミッチェルの「Both Sides Now」、そしてレナード・コーエンの「ハレルヤ」という曲を歌われました。その後、「接吻」を始めとして数曲、オリジナル・ラブの初期の曲で盛り上げてくれました。それからは「bless you!」など最近の曲が続き、最後はアドリブな感じで「長崎」を連呼していったん終わりました。アンコールは、「夜をぶっとばせ」でみんな大喜びでした。

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides, Now [Original Studio Version, 1969]

田島貴男(ORIGINAL LOVE)『接吻』(Audio 2019/03/10 Live) ギター弾き語り ライヴ

 I’ll write about how the concert was going, trying to avoid spoiling somebody’s pleasure as much as possible. At first, a video was projected on the back wall. A skeleton-man, who Tajima explained later as Dead Tajima, appeared in the video to start the live concert with some greetings. The first song was “Hitori soul show no Theme” followed by some songs from the album of the same name. There was hardly any chat in the first half just singing one song after another. In the middle, he sang two cover songs, the first one was “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell, the second was “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Then he sang some early songs of his band, Original Love, and the first one was “Seppun”, so the audience was ecstatic. After that, he sang his latest songs, “bless you?” and so on, then, in the end, he was improvising and shouted “Nagasaki!” many times before leaving the stage. In response to an encore, he sang “Yoru wo Buttobase”, so the audience were filled with joy.     



 Honestly, there were songs that I was not familiar with, but his soulful singing voice had a drive that exhilarated even the sceptic. At the beginning of each song, he decided the rhythm with his own voice percussion putting it on a loop-machine. He also used the loop machine, in some songs, for guitar refrains to play his guitar solo on them. I was fascinated by his performance because it was  the highest level that one person can achieve.   


 In his chat at the end of the concert, he mentioned other live concerts he is going to have in the coming few months. He also announced that he will share the stage with Cornelius in January. He said that it will have been 20 years since the last time he shared a stage with Keigo Oyamada. I’m jealous someone who can go to that gig.