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ネイティブがお薦めするクリスマス映画:「ラブ・アクチュアリー」(2003)(ネタバレなし) A Christmas Movie Some Native Speakers of English Recommend: “Love Actually” Released in 2003 (No Spoilers)


 When it comes to the movies that have something to do with Christmas, a couple of movies soon comes to my mind and they are quite famous ones like “Home Alone”, “Die Hard” and so on.


 There is a movie that every foreigner who I became friend with mention without fail when we talk on this topic. The movie is a 2003 British film called “Love Actually”. It features an ensemble cast, so multiple plots about characters are skillfully interwoven in it.  

Love Actually (2003) Official Trailer - Colin Firth, Emma Thompson Movie HD   



 This movie has a star-studded cast. The actors who appear on this movie were like, if I mention only my favorite actors, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, and there are some other actors unexpected like Elisha Cuthbert who is well-known as Jack Bauer’s daughter called Kim in the TV drama “24”, and Andrew Lincoln who is famous for playing the main character in “The Walking Dead”. 

 この映画のもう一つのよさはサントラです。シュガーベイブスケリー・クラークソン、マルーン5など、当時のシーンで人気だったアーティストから、ジョニ・ミッチェルビーチ・ボーイズ、そしてオーティス・レディングといった大御所の曲まで使用していて、多彩な構成になっています。特に印象的だったのは、ビーチ・ボーイズの「God Only Knows」でした。

The Beach Boys - God only knows

 Another good point about this movie is the soundtrack. You can find some artists who were popular at that time such as Sugababes, Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5 and so on, and other artists who were all-time big names like Joni Mitchell, The Beach Boys, and Otis Redding in the CD. Among them, the most impressive song for me was “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys.

 久しぶりに観たくなって観てみました。前に観たときは、気付かなかったことにいっぱい気付きました。終わりの方ではずっと泣いていました。タイトル通り、愛が至る所に、でも、いろんな形であふれている映画です。「God Only Knows」はやっぱり一番いいところで使われていました。1回観るだけではもったいない映画です。

 I felt like watching this movie again after a long time. I found a lot of things that I hadn’t noticed before. I was crying over the ending of it. Love actually is all around, as in its title, and also in various ways. The song “God Only Knows” was used at the climax. It is a movie you can watch many times.   

ラブ・アクチュアリー [AmazonDVDコレクション]

ラブ・アクチュアリー [AmazonDVDコレクション]