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なぜか飽きない曲:クリープハイプ「さっきはごめんね、ありがとう」 Songs I Can’t get enough of: ‘Sakki wa Gomen-ne Arigato’


 I know it’s really something after all this time to mention this band, but I really like their songs. I just felt an instinctive aversion to them before. I hadn’t been listening to their album ‘Hukikoboreru Hodo no I, 哀(sorrow),愛(love)’, which contains this song, for a long time since I had listened to them just a couple of times. However, there was someone who recommended me to listen to them properly about a year ago, then I finally realized how good their songs are. I somehow like this song ‘Sakki wa Gomen-ne Arigato’the most among them.  



  It becomes old but I don’t want to forget it.

    May I keep it in the form of a song?




  I decided to do that, but I cannot make a song

  So could you make and keep it for me?


 宝物 それも大袈裟だけど間違いでもないよな

 だからもう いつもこうやっていれるのが凄く嬉しい 


  It’s a treasure, I’m like exaggerating but maybe I’m not wrong

    It’s a pleasure, we can get on well together

    I could use a song that tells you love me so much




  Even after getting older and feeling embarrassed

    I want to come back here anytime




    I’m sorry about that just then, and thank you for everything

    I hope I can say such a thing without singing



エビ中 蛍の光

 I have a feeling that this song is overflowing with the same kindness as the song called ‘Hotaru no Hikari’, which Ozaki Sekaikan offered to Ebichu is. I really admire his sensitivity which he sometimes shows through his songs. I was intrigued by this song because the image of this song was totally different from the one, which I originally had before. Now I love all the songs in this album.


 Now their new song called ‘Oyoso san’ is a theme song for the animation ‘Ahare! Meisaku kun’ which is currently broadcast on NHK Educational TV. I’m looking forward to June 4, the day when the song will be released.

クリープハイプ -「およそさん」(OFFICIAL TEASER)