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カップリングの名曲:私立恵比寿中学「青い青い星の名前」 A masterpiece which is not the A-side: ‘Aoi Aoi Hoshi no Namae’ by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku

 本来なら今頃, エビ中の「ど真ん中スプリングツアー2020」のレポを書いているはずでした。2回目の登校が楽しみで予習も頑張っていただけに、今の状況では仕方がないとはいえ残念でなりません。今回のライブでぜひ聴きたかった曲の一つがこの「青い青い星の名前」でした。

 I was going to write the review of Ebichu’s live tour called ‘Domannaka spring tour 2020’ by now. I was looking forward to going to their concert for the second time, so I was listening to their songs from the earlier ones to the latest ones. I’m now very frustrated now, even though I know it can’t be helped. There is a song that I wanted them to sing in the live tour, and the name of the song is `Aoi Aoi Hoshi no Namae`.

青い青い星の名前 / 私立恵比寿中学


    【Mayama】What will we hope in the midst of our bright future?

 【小林】砂漠に染み込んだ雨はいつの日か 誰かを潤すだろう

    【Kobayashi】The rain which soaks into the desert will quench someone’s thirst

 【全員】Say hello new world

   【All】Say hello new world


 【星名】全然眠れないMid Midnight 僕はもんもんと考えた

   【Hoshina】Mid Midnight that I was wide awake and I thought things over


    【Nakayama】I thought about to live on the earth    


   【All】The moon shines down on this world


   【Kobayashi】Even if you cry or laugh things are the same


   【Yasumoto】and the eastern sky has become brighter


   【All】It’s the beginning of the day called TODAY



 【Kashiwagi】What will we hope in the midst of our bright future?


  【All】If there’s someone who can change the tomorrow of that kid crying somewhere far away


 【All】That may be us.


          Why is this blue, blue planet called the earth


  【All】We, who live through the same era,


  【All】must be like-minded people



 The lyrics on a grand scale exhilarates me. It somehow reminds me of ’21 seiki Uchu no ko’ by TOKYOJIHEN. I know I can’t compare them so easily but both songs are positive, and they are the songs that makes me feel like doing my best.


 This song was one of the songs contained in the single ‘Trendy Girl’. And this was originally the theme song of their summer concert called `Famien '19` last year. However, it wasn’t contained in their 6th album ‘playlist’, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels sorry for that. I can’t wait to hear this song in their concert in the near future. 




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トレンディガール(Complete Edition)

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