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好きなアルバムから3曲:BiSH「CAN YOU??」(3rdアルバムCARROTS and STiCKSより①) Picking out three songs from one of my favorite albums: ‘CAN YOU??’ by BiSH (From their 3rd Album ‘CARROTS and STiCKS’①)

 いかにもなパンクにはあまり惹かれません。ピストルズはあんまり聞けないけど、クラッシュは大好きというタイプです。パンキッシュな作りにキャッチーなメロディーが乗っかったら最強と思います。BiSHはまさに自分にとって理想のパンクバンドです。ちなみにBiSHとはBrand-new idol SHiT(新生クソアイドル)という意味とのこと。

 I don’t like a typical punk rock so much. I’m a sort of guy who prefers the Clash to Sex Pistols. Songs which sound punkish with catchy melodies are the best for me. BiSH is an ideal punk band for me in a way. Let me say in passing that BiSH means Brand-new idol SHiT.

 BiSH初心者の自分は、3rdアルバムから聴き始めました。そして最初に刺さった曲がこの「CAN YOU??」でした。

 I’m a new fan of BiSH, so it was their 3rd album that I listened to their songs properly for the first time. This song ‘CAN YOU??’ was the first one that I was into.


 自分のことを 第一にそこの君だって

   Everybody should be considerate of himself or herself and you are not the exception

 うさぎの目を隠して 何を語るっていうんだよ

    What are you going to talk about concealing your sadness

 可愛いけれど たまらなく歯がゆくてさぁ

    You are precious but badly irritating

 ドブのような夜だって お互い様なんだって

    It is a terrible night for both of us


 誤魔化してまた 寂しくなって

  Covering up and feeling so lonely again


    We have a lot in common


 どうしようもない 僕なんだけど

   I’m a helplessly pathetic guy


    But before I die


    I’d like to get on good terms with you


    You’ve already noticed that


    So don’t pretend so much


    I apologize for everything I did to you so far


   Let’s start all over again



  The excellent lyrics hit home to me. Aina the End, a member of the band, and J×S×K are credited with writing the lyrics. J×S×K is Jyunnosuke Watanabe, the president of the music production.


  The chorus is extremely so catchy that it is perfectly addictive. The composer is Kenta Matsukuma and he has written almost all the songs sung by BiSH. Listening to BiSH is the same as listening to his music. That’s the very reason for their stability in the quality of their songs, and also their advantage. What you can see there is a perfection of the cooperation between a creator and performers. It the same as that of between Yasutaka Nakata and Perfume, and the value of an idol group as performers is highlighted there in a way.   


 Like the first two, the third album has lots of great songs. I’d like to mention another song in this album.

The third album has lots of great songs as well as earlier ones. I’d like to mention another song in this album. 



  • アーティスト:BiSH
  • 発売日: 2019/07/03
  • メディア: CD