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30分じゃ短すぎ:NHK「SONGS 香取慎吾」 Thirty-minutes is not enough: My impression of ‘SONGS Shingo Katori’ by NHK



 ‘I can’t predict what will happen in the future’, he started over his activity with this feeling, and this TV program’s main content was the interview about what actually happened to him these two and a half years.


 First, he was asked about the relationships with people who supported or rejected, on purpose with good intentions, him. His activities as an actor also came up in the interview. He revealed how he felt during the shooting of the movie called ‘Nagimachi’, and he felt that the main character of the movie somehow looked like himself from time to time. Then he talked about the fact that he was encouraged by his fans in the fan meeting and able to move forward, also mentioning his respect to Michel Jackson. These ideas, ‘Stage is the place I want to stay’, ‘I want to sing solo’, seemed to lead to the solo album. He also mentioned the difference in the way of approaching songs between singing in a group and solo.


 He has a wish like, ‘I want to work hard together with talented people’, and you could see he achieved it in each song once you listened to the album. The album is great for sure. 



 The activities as a YouTuber, and an artist are also mentioned in the interview. Just taking a look at the way of producing the works, I was impressed by his good sense and acute sensitivity. It seems like he wants to work on a one-man exhibition rather than the next album.

香取慎吾×渡辺淳之介【ニワワイコメンタリー】FUTURE WORLD(feat.BiSH)





  • provided courtesy of iTunes
Metropolis (feat. WONK)

Metropolis (feat. WONK)

  • provided courtesy of iTunes

  He sang only two songs in the TV program. The first one was ‘Metropolis’, and he performed with WONK. The second one was ‘Trap’. I was impressed by not only his dance performance but his singing skills because his singing voice was stable enough despite the vigorous movement in dancing.

  The TV program was quite substantial, but the time passed in a flash so I wasn’t satisfied with the 30 minutes.




20200101 (初回限定・観るBANG!)(特典なし)

20200101 (初回限定・観るBANG!)(特典なし)

  • アーティスト:香取慎吾
  • 発売日: 2020/01/01
  • メディア: CD