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私立恵比寿中学「金八」の魅力⑭:なんかいい曲「蛍の光(Demo)」 The charm of the album “Kinpachi” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku⑭: A song somehow good to me, ‘Hotaru no Hikari(Demo)’


 This song was written by Sekaikan Ozaki from CreepHyp, a Japanese rock band. The ‘Demo’ in the title looks somewhat meaningful. 

エビ中 蛍の光

 いつかのさようならの前に ちゃんと言っておきたくて

 全部嘘になる気がして 怖くなるけどちゃんと話すね

  Before I say goodbye, there is something I want to tell you

  I’m afraid that everything I say might sounds a lie, but I’ll tell you

 自分で決めたことも全部 まとめて大人のせいにして

 どれも嘘にしてしまえば 楽になるけどちゃんと話すね

  Blame everything I decided on the grown-ups

  If I tell you that everything is lie, maybe I feel at ease, but I tell you properly

 いつまでも決まらなくて でもなんかそれが嬉しくて

 「早く、お店閉まっちゃうよ」 お母さんの優しい声と一緒に


  I can’t make up my mind at all, but I’m somehow pleased with that

  ‘Hurry up or the shop will close’, said my mom and I can hear that song being played


 暗くなって不安になる時に いつも目の前で揺れる光の海

 さよなら蛍の光 もう電気を消しておやすみなさい

   When I grow uneasy after it gets dark, the sea of lights always undulating in front of me

   Goodbye the lights of fireflies, now turn it out and say good night


 辛くなって不安になる時に いつも目の前で揺れる光の海

 ありがとう蛍の光 もう電気をつけていかなくちゃ

 さよなら蛍の光 もう電気を消しておやすみなさい

  When I grow uneasy after I begin to feel life is tough, the sea of lights always undulating in front of me

   Thanks the lights of fireflies, now I turn it on and have to leave

   Goodbye the lights of fireflies, now turn it out and say good night



 How nice these lyrics are! This song, which is accompanied solely by the acoustic guitar (in this video, by the piano), is unpretentiously simple and that is exactly why it comes home to me. Actually, I didn’t like CreepHyp for no particular reason before. I finally found them so good about a year ago. I was recommended by someone to listen to their albums properly and I realized their songs are really my sort. Now that I listened to this song, the image of Sekaikan Ozaki has totally changed and I even respect him.    




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 CreepHyp sing this song themselves, too. I read several blogs which mentioned that. I realized that this song is a very important song in some ways for Ebichu, and also their fans. I even cried. Then I come to love this song all the more.


 Through listening to KInpachi, I've gotten excited about their spring concert tour, but I’m worried about whether they can carry out the tour or not, due to the corona virus. I bought a pen light, and I can’t wait to wave it around. However, I know I must not go to the concert in such a terrible situation.  




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