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私立恵比寿中学「金八」の魅力⑤:ヒットしていい曲「バタフライエフェクト」 The charm of the album “Kinpachi” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku⑤: A song that could hit the chart, ‘Butterfly Effect ’


 With the melody which somehow sounds like a pop song in the Showa era, this song is so catchy that I suppose this song could hit the chart. Plus, the lyrics based on that catchy melody seem quite novel and impressive.  

私立恵比寿中学 『バタフライエフェクト』


 【Kashiwagi】This morning……at the moment I awoke


 【Yasumoto】What’s this? I’ve never seen something like this


 【Kobayashi】Entry! ‘Stage 1’ by myself

【廣田】On your mark!! Get set!! アドベンチャー

 【Hirota】On your mark!! Get set!! Adventure!



 【Mayama】Life isn’t easy as you think


 【Matsuno】Oh? This one? Looks familiar


 【Nakayama】The ‘Stage 2’, I took it as a goal


 【Hoshina】Next!! ‘The Stage’ a loop adventure!

 <say go!!>





 【All】This moment which is wriggling is my destiny

     A zebra parade with light and shade

     Somewhere on the way, I said, ‘Who are “you”?’

 【真山】霧深く ガラスの残像

 【Mayama】The fog is thick, the incidental image on the window glass

 【柏木】Justify!! 誓った「One Way!!」

 【Kashiwagi】Justify! I swore, ‘One way!’




     Same Storyは2つとない


     願いが叶う その時 褪せてく「記憶」





 【All】What the butterfly effect produces are

        ‘the end ’and ‘the birth ’in a striking contrast

        There isn’t the Same Story

        At the moment my dream comes true, my ‘memories’ fade out.

        My feeling goes around

        On the day we will meet again

        You will say, ‘I-love-you’


 This is an outstandingly catchy and cool song with the exhilarating introduction. Rereading the lyrics now, I found it full of stirring, meaningful words which are far from the image of junior high students. This song was written by someone called U-re:x. . He also wrote a song called ‘Dekadonden’, which is contained in Ebichu’s 5th album. I checked him out on the internet and found his real name, Yukio Murata, he is very active as a guitarist, and also a song writer.



 I have an impression that no other groups have as many good songs as Ebichu do. I’m sure people around them have been making great effort. Even so, I’m still amazed by their own skills as performers because they seem to be able to perform as much as creators expect. In fact, they already have shown how skillful they are in this 2nd album. 



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