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香取慎吾さん「20200101」の魅力⑦:なんか沁みるヒップホップ:「OKAY (feat. SALU)」 The charm of the album “20200101” by Shingo Katori⑦: A piece of hip-hop that somehow comes home to me “OKAY (feat. SALU)”


 I somehow like the first few bars which are somewhat subdued. This song, however, is full of something cheerful giving me a lift. When it comes to the chorus, the melody is so catchy. 

OKAY (feat. SALU)

OKAY (feat. SALU)

  • provided courtesy of iTunes

  もうさ 出来るわけないだろ




   Well, there’s no way I can handle this

  I can’t do that in such a cloudy mood.

  I was in a situation where things contradicted each other

  I forgot all things I can say YES






  I’ve seen you so far

     even the day when you worked so hard in distress

     and the day when you felt like running away, too

  Even so you forced a cheerful laugh, yeah  


 そうだ そうだ



  That’s it That’s it

  I wanted to make you smile

  It’s so easy for me



  “Look, let’s color the world as we like”





 誰だと思ってんだ It’s alright

  I wanna do this and that

  I wanna be someone who can cheer you up

  There’s nothing to worry about

  Who do you think I am? It’s alright



 Maybe we 人生Crazy crazy yeah

  Everybody is struggling Everyday

  Maybe we Our life Crazy crazy yeah


 それでも僕ならBe okay

 この道を行けばBe okay

 Let me see your gloom ye

 絶対良くなるBe okay

  Even so, I will Be okay

  Going this way will Be okay

  Let me see your gloom ye

 Everything is gonna Be okay


 この道を行けばBe okay

 君がいてくれてBe okay

 Let me see your gloom ye

 yeah year yeah

  Going this way will Be okay

  If you are with me everything will Be okay

  Let me see your gloom ye

  yeah year yeah 

 慎吾さんとSALUさんの掛け合いがとっても心地よくてクセになります。SALUさんは、SMAPのラストアルバム「Mr.S」で、香取慎吾さんのソロ曲「SKINAIRO」の作詞をされています。「週刊文春WOMAN」のインタビューでは、そこからの経緯について少しだけふれています。音楽情報サイト「REAL SOUND」の記事では、これについてもう少し具体的な話が載せられています。それによると、このアルバムがフィーチャーしているアーティストの中で、慎吾さんが最初に声をかけたのがSALUさんであり、そのきっかけは向井太一さんの「空」のMVだったそうです。

向井太一 / 空 feat. SALU (Official Music Video)

 The duet Shingo and SALU sing makes me feel so good that it becomes addictive. SALU wrote the lyrics of the Shingo’s solo called “SKINAIRO” in SMAP’s last album “Mr. S”. The interview by “Weekly Bunshun WOMAN” mentioned what the situation was like, not a lot though. You can also see some more details about this episode in the interview by “REAL SOUND”, a music information website. According to this interview, SALU is the first artist Shingo asked for the collaboration among the featured artists in this album, and what led to this collaboration was an MV to a song called “Sora” by Taichi Mukai.


 When Shingo was a member of SMAP, his way of rapping was quite impressive. The collaboration he made this time so well with an authentic rapper proved himself to be more than an idol. It even shows he is a great artist.