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香取慎吾さん「20200101」の魅力⑥:昭和歌謡的ワクワク感 「I’m so tired (feat. 氣志團)」 The charm of the album “20200101” by Shingo Katori⑥: A song that sounds exciting with an air of Showa pop song, “I’m so tired (feat. Kishidan))”


 This song sounds like a typical pop song in the Showa era with such an exhilarating introduction, even though the negative lyrics startled me a little.

香取慎吾×氣志團 【ニワワイコメンタリー】 I'm so tired(feat.氣志團) 

I'm so tired (feat. 氣志團)

I'm so tired (feat. 氣志團)

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  冗談だろ? 勘弁してよ

 すがるような 視線はAKI-AKI

 常識だなんて 諭す気もないけれど



   Are you kidding? Give me a break

   I’m fed up with such a wistful look

   I have no intention to lecture you on common sense

   Your selfish aim

   I can’t stand it any more  





   I know

   your old trick

   Out of my way

   I’m already bored to death by it 





  I’ve already

  made all your dreams

  come true , haven't I?

   Suite yourself 

 I’m so tired 愛情とか うんざりなんだ

 I’m so tired 才能ないや 見限ってくれよ

 I’m so tired 可哀想だと 蔑めば

 I’m so tired ハイそうですか


   I’m so tired  love? I’m sick of it

   I’m so tired  I’ve no talent  Just give up on me

   I’m so tired  I’m so pathetic  Just look down on me

    I’m so tired  All right

   Just leave me alone 


 Shingo Katori mentioned the lyrics of this song, too, in the interview by “REAL SOUND”, a music information website. He said that there aren’t any special meanings in the lyrics when the interviewer told of his own impression that those negative words sound like quite meaningful. Shingo also said that he discussed the lyrics to the full in completing it trying to avoid the same content as the other tracks,


 Sho Ayanokoji, the vocalist of the band called KIshidan, sometimes says openly that he has been a fan of SMAP from long ago. Last year, the three of Atarashii Chizu appeared on “Kishidan Banpaku”, a music festival hosted by Kishidan held at Chiba in September every year. Their relationship resulted in this song, I guess. Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, my favorite Idol band, also joins this “Kishidan Banpaku” every year, so this is one of the music festivals I badly want to go to.



20200101 (初回限定・観るBANG!)(特典なし)

20200101 (初回限定・観るBANG!)(特典なし)