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香取慎吾さん「20200101」の魅力⑧:クールなアシッドジャズ「Metropolis (feat. WONK)」 The charms of the album “20200101” by Shingo Katori⑧: A piece of acid jazz that sounds so cool“Metropolis (feat. WONK)”


 I somehow feel the atmosphere of the clubs in the 90’s to this song, so I want to call it acid jazz. Some people, who liked acid jazz bands like Brand New Heavies, Incognito and so on, would into it soon enough. Even so, the song definitely has the modern taste. 

Metropolis (feat. WONK)

Metropolis (feat. WONK)

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  Somewhere in a big city

  The real feeling is virtual

  The lights look like a parody of fireflies

  There’s no place to bloom

  Weeping flowers

  A gust blew between the buildings laughing at them

  One thing becomes popular but another is out of date

  But this happened because of that



 This song featured a soul jazz band called WONK. The interview by “Shukan Bunshun WOMAN” mentioned the recording that Shingo and WONK jointly did. While Shingo was talking about how complicated the overdubbing is, and he also said that this song is rather unfamiliar, and difficult to understand for the old fans of him, but what he had wanted to sing was definitely this sort of song. After that, he also said that he had to give priority to the group called SMAP over himself when he belonged to it, but he is so happy now because he can do anything on his own way.  



In this video, the members of WONK are talking about this song, and you can realize how much they respect Shingo. You’ll be interested in the part where they talk about yanosuke, who wrote the lyrics of this song.     

 音楽情報サイト「REAL SOUND」のインタビューでは、音楽を創る中に入ることで感じた大変さにもふれています。そんな苦労の上にできた良曲を、ただ気持ちよく揺れながら聴いているリスナーとしては、ちょっぴり申し訳なく、でもとってもありがたく思えて、勝手に幸せを感じてしまいます。

 The interview by “REAL SOUND”, a music information website, mentions the difficulties he felt through joining in the process of producing music, in addition to the same episode as above. I feel a bit sorry, and grateful to hear that, as a listener who just enjoy the fruits of their effort swaying happily to it, and one more thing feel now is how lucky listners are. 

20200101 (初回限定・GOLD BANG!)(特典なし)

20200101 (初回限定・GOLD BANG!)(特典なし)