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SMAPぽい曲:新しい地図「星のファンファーレ」 Sounds Like SMAP: “Hoshi no Fanfare” by Atarashii Chizu

 今更ですが、5月27日に発売された新しい地図稲垣吾郎、草彅剛、香取慎吾)による楽曲「星のファンファーレ」はとっても良い曲です。SEKAI NO OWARINakajin氏が作詞・作曲したこの曲は、スマホ用ゲームアプリ「星のドラゴンクエスト」の応援ソングとして作成されたとのこと。

 I know it is a rather old topic, but the song called “Hoshi no Fanfare”  by Atarashii Chizu (Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Shingo Katori) , released on May 27,  is quite good. This song was written by Nakajin, a member of SEKAI NO OWARI, and it was a kind of supporting song for “Hoshi no Dragon Quest”, a game app for smartphones.

新しい地図 join ミュージック - 星のファンファーレ


 There was so many good songs in SMAP’s albums. I liked their earlier songs that were rather simple. I was impressed by their late albums because many musicians who was the best of the times offered good songs. Even great jazz musicians joined some of their albums. This song, “Hoshi no Fanfare” has the same quality or atmosphere as the songs in the SMAP’s albums, so I want this song to be sung by all the five members of SMAP.



 Atarashii Chizu joined the music festival called Kishidan Banpaku the other day. They sang 6 songs there including this song. It was their first time to join a music festival.