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エビ中「playlist」の魅力⑦ 王道のアイドルソング:「オメカシ・フィーバー」 The Charm of the Album “playlist” by Ebichu⑦: “Omekashi Fever”, A Song That is A Typical Idol Song,


 It is a typical idol song. I’m carried away only by the introduction. This is an energetic song with plenty of comical interjections. Be careful or you’ll end up swinging your penlight even on a train without knowing it. 



  • provided courtesy of iTunes

 (ALL)ナナナ ナナナ

(ALL) Na na na, Na na na

(中山)3,2,1 いえーい

(Nakayama) 3,2,1 yeah!

(ALL)メイカッ メイカッ メイカッ メイカ

(ALL) Make up, make up, make up, make up

(星名)理想の顔 今日も作ろ

(Hoshina) Let’s make up our face ideally

(ALL)えー嫌 えー嫌 えー嫌 えー嫌 

(ALL) Oh no, oh no, oh no

(柏木)ニキビできそう 明日以降

(Kashiwagi) I’m getting pimples from tomorrow on

(ALL)目カッ 目カッ 目カッ 目カッ

(ALL) with eyes wide open, open, open

(中山)両のまぶた カッと開けて

(Nakayama) Open your eyes wide


(ALL) and I was dreaming


(Yasumoto) A fever of stylish love


(ALL)ラルラ キランキラン チヤホヤ


   Wow make a scene!

(ALL) La lu la, sparking, being pampered

       Give me “something” more and more

       Wow make a scene!


(Mayama) Just love me who I love


(ALL) Feel like making up feverishly


 The words at the chorus part, “Just love me who I love”, is somehow really addictive. The formation or the pose at this part comes to my mind. It is so powerful as “Rider Kick”, the decisive attack by the hero character called “Kamen Rider”, or as the medicine case which is owned by Mito Komon, who is a hero in a historical play. It is no time for modesty. Just check the color of the penlight and swing it round relentlessly on a train, bus or whatever.


 I have this to say gathering my courage, I love this song the most among such good songs in this album. I admit that, with fixed eyes, I’m actually an idol lover.