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合いの手が楽しい曲:私立恵比寿中学「明日もきっと70点」 A song full of joyful interjections: “Ashita mo Kitto 70ten”by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku

 バーチャルYouTuberという存在を知ったのは、この曲のおかげでした。エビ中のアルバム「MUSiC」の3曲目、「明日もきっと70点feat.東雲めぐ」は、賑やかな合いの手が楽しくて、いちいち喜んでしまいます。この合いの手を入れているのが、昨年の3月にデビューしたバーチャルYouTuber、「東雲めぐ」です。東雲めぐとは、You Tube配信の3DCGアニメのメインキャラクターだそうです。

「ぶいおん!! MUSIC LIVE」2019年8月15日放送 #東雲めぐ #響木アオ

 It was through this song that I knew virtual You Tuber. “Ashita mo Kitto 70ten”, the third track of Ebichu’s album called “MUSiC” is so delightful because it has many joyful interjections and I’m pleased with each of them. The one who throws those interjections in this song is “Shinonome Megu”, a virtual You Tuber who debuted last March. Shinonome Megu is a main character of 3DCG anime on You Tube.

私立恵比寿中学 「明日もきっと70点 feat.東雲めぐ」MV 

なんでか30秒 目覚まし時計より 早く起きれたら


If I somehow can wake up before the alarm clock ringing and I’m like,

(Shinonome) Absolutely perfect!

取り込んだパーカーの ポケットの中から 忘れてた小銭の埋蔵金


If I find some changes that I’ve forgotten in a pocket of the parka brought in and I’m like,

(Shinonome) Thank you, sir!

何もない くもない 自己採点 だらだら過ごして2点


I’ve nothing special to attend to, but actually have, and just idle away my time, so I get only two out of one hundred.

(Shinonome) Boo!



Things like that makes me feel really good.

(Shinonome) One, two!


だいたい丁度 及第点


何かに落ち込んで 届かないとしても



I’m sure, I’ll get 70 tomorrow, too.

It’s just a passing grade.

The face that shows lack of sleep is also 70.   

If you are depressed by something and feel dissatisfaction.

You can send out for pizza!

(Shinonome) Sounds good!


だいたい丁度 及第点


フルスイング空振って 途方に暮れても


I’m sure, I’ll get 70 tomorrow, too.

It’s just a passing grade.

The face that shows lack of sleep is also 70.   

Even if it’s a wild swing that misses and you are at your wit’s end,

(Shinonome) Clouds are just drifting.


 “Comic Girl”, a song which is contained in their 4th album, is also full of joyful interjection, and this song, “Ashita mo Kitto 70ten”, is as good as that song. This kind of merriment is, in my opinion, a good point of Ebichu.



 To my great joy, I got a ticket for their autumn tour in Fukuoka. I can’t wait to go to the concert, because it’s my first time to go to their concert.