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長崎の旨い町中華:「黄林閣」の炒飯 Good Local Chinese Restaurants in Nagasaki: “Orinkaku” which serves tasty fried rice



 I’m crazy about fried rice. I love it so much that I often cook it myself but, of course, I can’t cook it as well as good restaurants can. Fried rice is so simple that it is difficult to make it tasty. In my opinion, the restaurants which serve good fried rice are the ones that can also serve good champon with tasty soup. The restaurant called Orinkaku is surely one of them.



 I feel it difficult to find the words to explain the good points of their fried rice. The ingredients and the seasoning seem quite simple. That could be a typical case in which an indistinctiveness leads to tastiness. The texture is neither dry nor moist, but light. The flavor of chicken stock (just my rough guess) stimulates my appetite. The amount of salt is just right. It’s so tasty. It is seasoned lightly but so tasty that I shovel it into my mouth in spite of myself. I’m never tired of it to the last morsel.


  Orinkaku is located on the street between Nagasaki Big N Stadium and Nagasaki Prefectural General Gymnasium (Arena Kabutogani). It is not a restaurant that tourists visit but I want people who love fried rice to give it a try.