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ラーメンうまし:ラーメン二郎 Ramen tastes good: Ramen Shop Jiro


 I went to the Kanto region the other day. There was a ramen I’d been wanting to eat so I gave it a try. it was a kind of ramen called Jiro. The more I saw that ramen on TV or SNS, the more I wanted to eat it. I heard that there is a few ramen shops that serve this sort of ramen in Nagasaki.



 The ramen shop where my friend took me was “Ramen Jiro”, the original shop. There was a line in front of the shop as I had thought it would be. Trying to slow myself down, I patiently waited for 20 minutes. Then I finally entered the shop and pushed the “Large” button in spite of myself on the ticket machine. After that, one of the employees asked us to show our tickets, so we did, and I shrank back because I found that all the customers except me and my friend had chosen “small”. The employee said, “It’s definitely large. Are you all right?”. I said, “OK”, feeling myself blushing. “Huh? Is that small?”, I was overwhelmed when I saw what the “small” portion was like. I had no choice but to resign myself to the situation.


 “With a triple portion of Nin-niku (garlic) and Yasai (vegetables)!” somebody said that out loud, but I just said, “Just Garlic, double”. I was ashamed myself because I couldn’t say what I wanted to, “A triple portion of Yasai!”, being afraid of what the “large” portion could be like. The amount of the “Large” portion, in fact, was it would be.



 A mouthful of soup made me smile with the tastiness. Thick but soft roast pork was my favorite, too. The extremely thick noodles hold the soup well. I dug into it. However, I felt that I was already full when I finished only the first half of it as I had been afraid so. I tried more but I couldn’t. I ended up leaving the ramen shop in a hurry just saying, “I'm sorry”. I somehow felt dazzled when I saw my friend finished and came out of the shop in a leisurely way.   


 I’m going to push the “small” button without any hesitation next time. Then I’m going to say it out loud that the most beautiful expression to say for me now; “With a triple portion of garlic and vegetables!”.