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エビ中「playlist」発売日!:MV「ジャンプ」で高まる期待 Today Is the Release Day of Ebichu’s New album “playlist”!: Expectations for This Album Growing through the MV for “JUMP”


私立恵比寿中学 『ジャンプ』MV 

 Here comes the day that Fans of Ebichu have been waited for a long time. Today, the eighteenth of December, is the day when “playlist”, the 6th album of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, is finally released. Yesterday I found a lot of tweets by their fans who has already got the album before it is officially on sale. The MV for “JUMP”, one of the tracks contained in the album, was already released on December 3 in advance.


 I can’t help feeling that this song sounds already cool at the opening bars of it. Ebichu’s image is somehow elusive for someone like me who has become a fan of them since their fifth album. That’s because some of their songs are so cool like this, but some others are hilariously comical ones. They may be a kind of group that creators want to test their abilities as performers.



 This song was written by Huwie Ishizaki. I guess there are many people who love the song called “Sayonara Elegy” offered to Masaki Suda by him. I often see him appear on some TV programs recently like Kan Jam, SONGS, and so on. I’m sure that he is one of the leading musicians in the current pop music scene in Japan.

ちがうの 「ようこそ秋冬ホールツアー2019~世界のみなさんおめでとうアイドルって楽しい~ 」Ver.

私立恵比寿中学 「トレンディガール」MV 


 Other musicians who offered songs to this album are big names such as Vickeblanka, Enon Kawatani, Polkadot Stingray, and so on. I hope I’ll find the CD I ordered on the internet delivered when I go home. 

【Amazon.co.jp限定】playlist(初回生産限定盤B)(Blu-ray Disc付)(デカジャケット付)

【Amazon.co.jp限定】playlist(初回生産限定盤B)(Blu-ray Disc付)(デカジャケット付)