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やっぱりお腹が空いた最終回:生田斗真さん主演「俺の話は長い」(ネタバレなし)  The Last Episode Made Me Feel Hungry as I Thought It Would Be: “Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai” Starring Toma Ikuta (No Spoilers)



 I have an impression that a good drama has a lot of scenes where people have meals. That may be just because I’m a greedy hog, I wonder. When I come to think of my favorite dramas, they have plenty of scenes where the characters have meals in almost every episode and those scenes make me feel hungry for sure. For example, rice with hashed meat in the drama called “Ryusei no Kizuna”, curry rice in “Ashita no Kita Yoshio”, and I remember that Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Akiko Yada have meals with great relish in the drama, “Boku no Ikiru Michi”.



 The exchange of sharp words, which is characteristic of this drama, has been mainly done over their meal. “Sukiyaki and a Bicycle”, “Sushi and Cardboard Boxes”, “Yakisoba and the ocean”, these are the titles of some episodes, and they show how important meals are in this drama. The title of the last two episodes are “Sukiyaki and Their Move“ (episode 19), and “Coffee and a Marathon” (episode 20).  Sukiyaki, which appeared in the first episode, showed up in the last episode again, so I see the plot skillfully woven.



 I don’t mention the details of the last episode here, because I don’t want to spoil someone’s fun, just in case he or she hasn’t watched the last episode. All I can say now is I feel a kind of wistful pang realizing how important my folks are. The last episode was fabulous. The ending was definitely convincing to me because several plots, not only about meals, were interwoven so well. I believe there will be sequels to it.