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ラーメンうまし②:家系ラーメン「大桜」 Ramen tastes good②: Ie Kei Ramen Shop “Ozakura”


 There was another type of ramen I wanted to eat in the Kanto region. It is a sort of ramen called “iekei” ramen. Actually, I didn’t even know the meaning of it but I just wanted to eat the ramen.


 On the day after I made a bad showing of myself at Ramen Jiro, I went out to eat the ie kei ramen as if I were carrying out revenge. The ramen shop, which was within walking distance of my friend’s place, was “Ozakura”.



 There was no line up and we entered the ramen shop in high spirits. It was almost packed. We sat at the counter and then ordered “Tamago ramen”.



 I heard that the soup of iekei ramen is a kind of shoyu tonkotsu (soy sauce and pork bone soup). With the mouthful of soup, I found it tasty but also mild, so it seemed to naturally permeate my body. Yummy. The well-seasoned roast pork was sliced rather thinly, and the texture was so nice. What I was surprised at was the fact that spinach and nori, typical ingredients of iekei. went so well together. They added variety to the taste which tends to be monotonous. I was absorbed in eating and ended up emptying the bowl. How smoothly the soup went down. I’m not sure but I guess that they use fish and shellfish in the soup.


 According to Wikipedia, the reason why this type of ramen is called iekei is as follows. That’s because the first ramen shop was named “Yoshimura Ya” and the many others that followed were also named “〇〇 Ya”.